Tuition and Fees

The Tuition/Participation Fee for the all chorus singers will be $375/year. Our affordable programs follow the traditional 10 month school year + an additional month for summer.

The tuition payment this year is $375/year for both the Concert Chorus and Training Chorus. The $65 annual registration fee and the 1st month's  tuition payment are due before the 1st rehearsal.  The tuition may be paid in one payment of $375 or can be paid in 2  payments, one at the beginning of the first semester and then the final payment at the beginning of the Spring semester. This will cover the tuition for the ENTIRE school year. We believe that this is a very affordable rate for quality music education.  The cost per week is less than $9 per student! 

Uniform Fees:

Uniform costs are: $65 for Girls and includes the concert dress and pearl necklace.
Uniform costs are: $55 for Boys and includes concert shirt, vest, and tie.

The Chorus T-shirt is required for all members and is $15.00

Fundraising: All singers are required to participate in fundraising each year. There are various fundraising opportunities available throughout the season. In addition, each singer/family is required to purchase or sell 5 concert tickets per semester. 


Click below to pay $350 annual tuition + the $65 registration fee. You will be billed for one payment of $415.00