Tuition and Fees

​​​​​​​​​​Tuition and Fees cover only a portion of the total cost for each singer in our program. We recognize that funding for music and other performing arts programs in schools has been cut and we want to do our part by giving back to the community. We believe that every child, regardless of their family’s ability to pay, deserves access to high-quality music and performing arts education. 

Other fees are: 

  •  $65 registration fee (due once per year/season at the beginning of the Fall Semester or if student is joining in the Spring, the fee will be due
    ​at the beginning of the Spring semester and will not be pro-rated)
  • $25 annual materials fee (covers the cost of sheet music and supplies)
  • $150 Fundraising Commitment. The Chorus participates in various fundraising campaigns each semester. (Fundraising is optional for families choosing to pay the $150 fundraising commitment instead).
  • 4 ticket sales/purchases for Winter Concert and Spring Concerts (Tickets are usually $15-20 each). This helps to ensure that our students have an audience to perform for! 

Uniforms: $60-$80 for Girls and includes the concert dress and pearl necklace.
Uniforms: $70 for Boys and includes concert shirt, vest, and tie. Black pants are also available for purchase.

The Chorus T-shirt is required for all members and is $15.00

*Fees include $65 annual registration fee, materials fee ($25), tuition of $300-$350 (depending upon ensemble), fundraising commitment, ticket purchases/sales, and uniform costs. These are normal costs associated with membership in a children's choir or performing arts organization. Tuition costs are partially being underwritten by community and corporate sponsors. We rely upon fundraising  and community support in order to fund our quality performing arts educational programming.