Membership fees for Palm Beach Children's Chorus are :

1. $50 Registration Fee (Annual)

2. Palm Beach Children's Chorus is a  professional and educational performing arts program. There are an approximately 15 rehearsals in a semester.

Beginning January 2018, tuition per semester will be as follows:

Training Chorus: $125 and $25 music and materials fee per student.

Concert Chorus: $175 per semester and $25 music and materials fee per students.

​Show Choir/Special Ensemble: * Additional $75 per semester

​Uniforms: Uniforms are not included in the cost of tuition.

There are family/sibling discounts available. 

​*Financial Assistance will be considered on a case by case basis, but only after the family has submitted a financial aid request and application.

 Palm Beach Children's Chorus Tuition and Fees


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