Palm Beach Children's Chorus does not charge tuition in the traditional sense, but, rather allows families to meet the financial obligation through a variety of fundraising opportunities and ticket sales.

Click below to pay $50 Registration Fee

Membership fees for Palm Beach Children's Chorus are :

1. $50 Registration and materials fee

2. Parents/Family of each singer in Palm Beach Children's Chorus are responsible for an Annual Participation Fee/Financial Obligation of purchasing 5 Concert Tickets at $20 each and $150 raised per semester through Fundraising* (5 Concert Tickets and $150 in fundraising in each semester- Fall and Spring Semesters).

3. Parents may elect to pay the fundraising amount ($150 per semester) in lieu of participating in fundraising campaigns.

*There are several fundraising opportunities throughout the season.

2016-2017 Season Tuition and Fees