Membership fees for Palm Beach Children's Chorus are :

1. $50 Registration Fee (Annual)

2. Palm Beach Children's Chorus is a  professional and educational performing arts program. There are an approximately 15 rehearsals in a semester.

Beginning January 2018, tuition per semester will be as follows:

Training Chorus: $125 and $25 music and materials fee per student.

Concert Chorus: $175 per semester and $25 music and materials fee per students.

​Show Choir/Special Ensemble: * Additional $75 per semester

​Uniforms: Generally uniforms cost $35 -$60, depending upon the ensemble. Uniforms are not included in the cost of tuition.

There are family/sibling discounts available at 30 % off the tuition cost.

​*Financial Assistance will be considered on a case by case basis, but only after the family has submitted a financial aid request and application. Palm Beach Children's Chorus believes that all students should have access to quality music education. Therefore, No student will be turned away due to inability to pay.

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 Palm Beach Children's Chorus Tuition and Fees